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Thank you for your interest in Mirye Software and Mirye Store!

Mirye Store/Mirye Software Frequently Asked Questions

We've moved Frequently Asked Questions to the main Mirye Software Website.

Top 3 Questions

Okay, we've left the top three questions here.

Where is My Order?

Did you just place your order? Mirye Store does not process orders immediately. Orders are queued up and reviewed every two hours, every business day.

How do I contact you? I haven't received a reply when using Mirye Store online form.

The most likely reason you haven't gotten a reply is that your ISP or service provider is blocking our responses as spam. To ensure you get a response, please go to and use the Contact Us link to log in and submit a trouble ticket. That makes it easier for you, and for us, to track and resolve problems.

How do I pay by PayPal?

PayPal integration isn't yet live on the Mirye Store site. If you want to purchase using PayPal, contact support and let us know your PayPal account email address and what you would like to order. We can send you a PayPal payment request.


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