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Mirye Software :: Content :: Vue :: Dwarven Journeys Volume 1

Dwarven Journeys Volume 1
Dwarven Journeys Volume 1 

Many races believe erroneously that dwarves are afraid of the sea - yet armored dwarven vessels sail to far off lands, trading and seeking out a new homeland for the exile tribes. Dwarven Journeys Volume 1 - aka Dwarves and the Sea - is a collection of water craft models based around the Dwarf themes first introduced in the Meshbox Dwarven Village Series.

Models Included in this Set

This model set includes seven publicly and individually released models, plus a bonus model, only available when purchased in this set.

Dwarven Small Sail

The dwarven small sail vessel, despite its size is very sea capable. The craft is decorated with the head of the red desert dragon and bedecked with the finest horn.

Includes props: anchor, dwarven small sail, dwarven small sail demo, engine, hammock, paddlewheel, rope, rudder, sail.

Dwarven Merchant Ship

The merchant ship is both armed and armored - and openly reliant on a dwarven engine of ancient design. Two tackle winches allow cargo to move on and off ship. A captains's deck includes direct control of the engines, and an announcement horn to alert the crew. Below, are some stoic quarters for the captain - the rest of the crew sleep in crew's quarters in the bow.

Includes props: anchor, ballista, cargo box, chest, dwarven merchant ship demo, dwarven merchant ship, engine, hammock, rope, rudder, stool, stove, table, tackle, tackle arch.

Dwarven War Ship

Dwarven ship architects design war ships as floating fortresses - built not only for defending with hardened dwarven steel, but also to deploy the much feared, engine powered war skiff! The vast Dwarven War Ship has several decks of explosive ballista, including the command tower. It also carries a contingent of marines that are deployed in war skiffs that are managed by mechanical loading machines. Not a bit of space is wasted - barracks are on the same deck as the engine room.

Includes props: ammo box, anchor, ballista, chest, Dwarven Warship for Poser, dwarven ship, dwarven ship demo, engine, foretower, navigation tools, rope, hammock, steering wheel, stool, stove, table, tackle, rudder, warskiff

Dwarven Engineer's Ship

The dwarven kingdom in exile has its Engineer's Fleet - a fleet of sea going, engine powered vessels that seek out new lands, looking for the minerals needed to keep the old technology alive. Dwarven engineer ships are armed and plated with dwarven steel, but also carry a small exploratory skiff and a drill machine to take core samples.

Includes props: ammo box, ballista, crate, dwarven ship, dwarven ship demo, drilling machine, hammock, steering wheel, stove, table, tackle.

Dwarven Troller Ship

Dwarves are fastidious in the collection of resources to feed the hidden tribes. Large fleets of troller vessels scoop bounty from the sea, which is later salted and preserved for transportation. This vessel has multiple cranes and a large storage area for fish. Two armed skiffs are also available, with harpoon guns.

Includes props: chimney, harpoon gun, dwarven ship, dwarven ship demo, steering wheel, stove, stool, skiff, paddle wheel, steering wheel, table, tackle.

Dwarven Anvil Master's Ship

When dwarven smiths reach the rank of Anvil Master, they achieve one of the highest levels of recognition in their society, and may command any size of retinue of apprentices and followers - the equivalent of a noble. The Anvil Master's Ship is well armed and powered, with plenty of room for cargo, crew and mighty engines. It also has a full forge in it. Anvil Master's can be found either leading small groups of ships, or supporting larger fleets.

Includes props: ammo box, anvil, ship, ship demo, axe, ballista, barrel, bucket, chest, furnace, hammer, hammock, hatch, master anvil, power hammer, shield, steering wheel, stool, table

Dwarven Tug Boat

While not the most glamerous vessel in service to the dwarven king, tug boats serve a vital role in the maintenance of the navy and even for private vessels - for tugs are required to bring many vessels into the deepest sea caverns. The tug has protective rope barriers, and engine powered winches fore and aft. Four powerful engines allow the tug to propel very large vessels.

Includes props: boat, boat demo, hammock, large winch and rope, screw propeller, winch, winch engine, stool, table

Bonus: Ancient Egyptian Pyramid at Giza

A grand vessel of shining white dwarf steel! This ship is heavily armed, and carries a complete throne room, king's quarters and more.

Includes props: achor, ballista, king's bed, box of balls, chair, chest, king's chair, king's table, king's throne

Important: Dwarven King's Yacht is not available separately, but only available in this set!

Contents of this Meshbox Model Set

  • 3DS format models and texture maps
  • Poser 6+ PP2 Prop Versions of props and demo
  • Vue VOB object versions of props and demo
  • Bryce Br5 versions of models
  • Art License

Pro version includes .max version and rights under Meshbox Design's Pro license for generating versions for use in games and simulations


Price: $39.00

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Detailed images
Dwarven Small Sail Boat
Dwarven Merchant Ship
Dwarven War Ship
Dwarven Engineer's Ship
Dwarven Troller Ship
Dwarven Anvil Master's Ship
Dwarven Tug Boat
Dwarven King's Yacht

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