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Mirye Software :: Content :: Content By Genre :: Historical :: Egyptian :: Egyptian Village Volume 2 Complete Edition

Egyptian Village Volume 2 Complete Edition
Egyptian Village Volume 2 Complete Edition 

Ancient Egypt Volume 2 is a series of 3D models based around buildings found in the dynastic era of Egypt. Create ancient world and Biblical scenes easily with these fully furnished models based on Egyptian life.

Models Included in this Set

This model set includes seven publicly and individually released models, plus a bonus model, only available when purchased in this set.

Ancient Egyptian Beer Brewery

The ancient Egyptians brewed an early form of beer that was affordable by the lowest classes of laborers, making their days of hard labour a little easier, if not easier to forget. This brewer has struck upon good times, and a remodeling job is half started with beautiful new pillars being build behind an outer brick wall. Inside, cook cauldrons, a mixer and a fermentation tank are available. Fluid is then placed into claywork jugs and cooled in a basement. Two carts are available and included for deliveries.

Includes props: beer brewery, beer brewery demo, cart 1, cart 2, cart 2 demo (loaded cart), cauldron, jug 1, jug 2, jug 3, mixer, torch torch demo, tub/fermentation tank.

Ancient Egyptian Olive Oil Maker

The ancient Egyptians traded in olive oil from the time of Alexander, not only consuming it but producing it. The olive oil maker has a large yard with several olive presses, with a constant bustle of slaves pouring the fluid into amphoras for cooling and then delivery. An upstairs show room also doubles as the merchant's office.

Includes props: amphora, amphora holder, amphora holder demo, barrel, basket, cart, cart demo, cassolette, clay barrel, column, holder, jug, olive press demo, olive oil maker building, olive oil maker building demo, pitcher, platform, shelving, shelving demo, small amphora, standing barrel, stool, table, torch, torch demo.

Ancient Egyptian Chariot Maker

The chariot maker caters to the upper class and so his building uses white washed brick and brighter, yellow paints to appeal to his clientele. Within the open yard, you can see skins drying and stretching, and also finished wheels, ready to attach to a chariot. Inside, there are large work areas, and a finished and non-finished chariot. To the floor above, an office where the chariot maker meets with his customers. And in the basement, storage for glues, paints and other liquids for building chariots.

Includes bench, torch, torch demo, axis, finished chariot, unfinished chariot, building, building demo, chisel, clay barrel, holder, skin demo, skin holder, table 1, table 2, wheel, wooden hammer.

Ancient Egyptian Stone Cutter

The stone cutter is more than a simple shop - its an entire camp! Tents are set up for detail work, including the carving of bas reliefs and columns for tombs, as well as a very large area for smoothing the large blocks cut from the naked hillside. A separate building includes an office and storage. Can also be easily used as an archeology dig.

Includes bas relief (2), bas relief base, bas relief demos (2), bed, egyptian chair, half made block, half made column, half made throne, hammer, hatchet, ink pot, ink pot demo, log, main building, main buiding demo, mallet, partial cut column, partial cut half column, pick, scroll, sledge hammer, step ladder, stone block, stone cutter bulding, stone cutter building demo, table 1, table 2, tent 1 demo, tent 2 demo, tent 3 demo, tent 1, tent 2, tent 3, wooden hammer, writing stick

Ancient Egyptian River Dock and Boat Maker

The Egyptian river dock and boatmaker brings is where one of several royal boatmasters builds river boats for Pharaoh. A broad pair of docks with built in stairs leads up to a small courtyard, where finished boats are painted and readied after building built in the shop. A stone office is attached, and there the master builder can meet with his clients and create new plans.

Includes bed, bench, boat, chair, chisel, lamp, hammer, lamp column demo, nail, river dock, river dock and boatmaker, river dock and boatmaker demo, table, throne, throne demo

Ancient Egyptian House of Courtesans

The Egyptian House of Courtesans caters to the emerging merchant class and lower nobility. Within its cool walls, passages lead to side bars where drinks are available. An inner courtyard catches a breeze from above, with a pool area that can hold either lovely maidens bathing or fragrant flowers. Stairs lead up to private chambers.

Includes barrel, big shelf demo, big table, big shelf, chair, chest, couch, cup 1, cup 2, goblet, house, house of courtesans demo, jug, pitcher, senet, pitcher, shelf, shelf demo, side table, table, trestle bed, vessel, wall art.

Bonus: Ancient Egyptian Pyramid at Giza

The Pyramid at Giza includes a reasonably accurate substructre based on he actual Pyramid of Khufu at Giza, including the Kings Chamber, Queens Chamber, cave, shafts and corridors. But will you find your way in? A small, hidden gateway can be found on the outer wall, but many an adventurer sought it without finding it. The pyramid is lightweight, with no furnishings except for torches in main corridors and wooden step planks. Populate the pyramid for your dynasty.

Includes torch, holder, torch demo, pyramid, pyramid demo

Important: Egyptian Pyramid at Giza is not available separately - it is only available in this set!

Contents of this Meshbox Model Set

  • 3DS format models and texture maps
  • Poser 6+ PP2 Prop Versions of props and demo
  • Vue VOB object versions of props and demo

Price: $49.00


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Detailed images
Egyptian Beer Brewery
Egyptian Olive Oil Maker
Egyptian Chariot Maker
Egyptian Stone Cutter
Egyptian River Dock and Boat Maker
Egyptian House of Courtesans
Egyptian Oracle
Egyptian Pyramid at Giza

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